Why feed RED MILLS?

The key to the success of Connolly’s RED MILLS high-performance products is what we call Precision Nutrition, a five-step process designed to maximise the potential and performance of your horse. 

Raw materials

Connolly’s RED MILLS agronomists work closely with local grain producers and global ingredients suppliers to ensure the grains, beans, seeds and fibres selected meet the specification required for high performance. The state-of-the-art laboratory ensures each ingredient is tested promptly prior to being carefully graded and stored.

Quality assurance

Connolly’s RED MILLS on-site laboratory facilitates rapid analysis of all ingredients and finished feeds to deliver a consistent nutrient specification. With daily NOPS testing each batch of ingredients and finished feeds is tested for a range of naturally occurring prohibited substances prior to delivery to customers worldwide.

Progest technology

Connolly’s RED MILLS technical team has developed a unique approach to performance nutrition. Progest Technology combines Pro Balance vitamins and minerals with select ingredients in a format targeted to the equine digestive system. Each feed provides a consistent level of nutrition, with diets being interchangeable, creating a flexible feeding system that allows each horse to be fed as an individual.

NFMS packaging

Connolly’s RED MILLS Nutrient Fresh Management System utilises seven tiers of natural preservatives including antioxidants and low oxygen barrier packaging for a fresher and longer product life. With a dedicated export sales and technical team NFMS technology delivers fresh feeds worldwide.

Nutritional expertise

Connolly’s RED MILLS are innovators and leaders in the field of equine nutrition and technology. The technical team leading the research is actively engaged with the industry, offering analytical services and expert advice, whilst gathering valuable feedback from customers to drive the development of new products, services and technologies.

What our customers say:

Willie Mullins: “Year in, year out, the quality of the product is far superior to anything else. You can see the benefit in the horses skin. You can see the benefit in the amount of training you can give a horse. You can see the benefit in the results.”