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Full Fat Please!

Although most of us look for the diet or low calorie options in life we often have the opposite problem for our four legged friends when considering the show ring or maintaining condition throughout the competition season. The tricky part can be that although more is needed the horse is either too sharp for another two bowls of anything or has a limited appetite. Whatever the reason, the handy solution to the problem is just a few mugs of Full Fat Soya.

Soya is top dog when it comes to providing high levels of protein, namely the amino acid lysine, which is critical to muscle development among other things. The catch with soya is that unless it is extruded at a very high temperature the lysine is not available as the bean contains an anti-nutritional factor that is only destroyed at high temperatures. Full Fat Soya is simply soybeans that have been extruded, a process using steam conditioning, high pressure and mechanical energy, to produce what looks like a golden coloured meal.

Super Soya in comparison to other cereals:

Feed Material Lysine (g/kg) Methionine (g/kg)
Oats 3.5 1.4
Barley 4.1 1.8
Maize 2.4 1.6
Wheat 3.1 1.7
Beet Pulp 9.0 2.1
Full Fat Soya 21.6 4.8


Full Fat Soya contains 33.5% protein, very similar to stud and performance balancers, and as such is fed at low intakes of 100 grams per 100kg of bodyweight per day. It also contains 19.5% oil which makes it a high calorie source that is naturally low in starch and therefore ideal for improving condition without creating the ‘fizz’ often associated with overfeeding of grains.

High oil diets have many benefits with the outward one being a smooth and shiny coat. Over the winter months when the natural oils found in pasture are low or grazing isn’t much of an option the addition of fats becomes key to keeping the summer glow throughout the dull and gloomy winter months.

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