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Trevor Breen and His Excellent Adventure

It was a whirlwind Hickstead Derby Meeting for RED MILLS Ambassador Trevor Breen. Trevor was the crowd’s firm favourite on the day as he was riding two former Derby winners. The 2014 Derby Champion, Adventure De Kannan and also Loughnatousa WB who had won the Derby with Paul Beecher in 2012.

Trevor Breen Jumping at Hickstead

‘WB’ was crowned this year’s champion being the only clear round of the 37 starters. This makes him the only horse in Derby history to have won two derby’s ridden by different riders.  This is a special victory for Trevor who commented that “To win the Derby once is a dream come true, so to win it twice feels a bit surreal”.

With the season well underway, RED MILLS were delighted to meet the Breen Sport Horses Team in their Buckinghamshire based stables. We got to meet some of Trevor’s horses while Equine Nutritionist Laura Hoey assessed their diets. It also gave us a chance to catch up with Head Show Groom, Fran Callan to find out more about the Team and their plans for the rest of the season.

The Team at Breen Sport Horses

“I have been working for Trevor Breen for nearly two years as his Head Show Groom. We have four members of staff in total at Breen Sport Horses. I go to all of the shows nationally and internationally. I manage the care of Trevor’s competition horses from organising vets, to the travel and care of the horses for each event.

The Breen Team, Photo by Julie Priestly

There is also Hannah Taylor who is a stable jockey alongside George Bateman. These two keep the horses fit whilst Trevor and I are away at shows, making sure they are ready to go again once we return. Jean Follet from France does all of the yard maintenance as well as working hard on the yard but he also exercises the horses also. They are all great assets to the team”.

The Horses At Breen Sport Horses

“In total we have 28 horses at our yard”. From Trevor’s competition horses to clients, training clients and broodmares. It is always a very busy yard. “I have a lot of love for all of the horses we have, so picking three to talk about is very difficult. Everyone knows and loves Addy, Adventure De Kannan, so I thought I would introduce a few more”.

Trevor Breen comes down the Derby Bank in Hickstead

“The eight year old Armitage stallion is now jumping at 1.50m and stepping up to hopefully jump some Nations Cups. Classic is a chestnut stallion who has been with Trevor two years. He’s a real character and a true gentleman. A little bit spoilt but not a brat (haha). He’s flashy and will always stand out in a crowd. He loves all types of affection and he’s a sucker for a polo or three! Owned by Keith Barry and Karen Swann”.

Oldtown KC
“KC is an 11 year old Cruising stallion jumping Grand Prix level. He’s another chestnut stallion with the nickname Cob or Supercob. He’s a very handsome horse with a huge personality. He rules the roost and loves small ponies especially if they are grey! A real cheeky chap. Owned by Martin Coffey”.

“Danni is a seven year old bay mare, jumping 1.30m and more. She has a heart of gold but she has no problem letting us know the things she doesn’t like. She’s a huge fan of her own space but will always be up for a scratch and a cuddle. Very talented and flashy mare that is always a pleasure to take to a show. Owned by Keith Barry and Karen Swann”.

We had to speak about Addy, especially when the RED MILLS Team were so happy to see him. This 15 year old gelding needs no introduction. Having an eye removed due to a condition has been no hindrance to the 17.1h horse.RED MILLS Nutritionist Laura Hoey with Adventure De Kannan

“To me, I have had a lot of great moments whilst working for Trevor but winning last year’s Hickstead Derby with Adventure De Kannan was unreal. I would love to go back to that day again. You feel so much pride when they go out and win, all of that hard work pays off. It is very emotional especially being such a prestigious class with a lot of history. Trev and Addy have now made history being the only horse to have ever jumped the derby with one eye, and then to win it”.

The Breen Team’s Schedule

“We have a very busy show schedule ahead, we’re going to the Royal International at Hickstead then straight onto the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS. I must say, the RDS has to be one of my favourite shows as the crowd are amazing. There is not a show like it and the arena is outstanding. To me it definitely stands out as one of my favourites and for Trevor he’s back on home turf so it has a sentimental value to him. The crowd love an Irish win so fingers crossed”.

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