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How to Make a Horse’s Coat Shine

The condition of a horse’s coat is a sign of their overall health; a shiny coat is the sign of a healthy and happy horse, while a dull coat is a result of a lack of nutrition in your horse's diet.  

Whether you’re preparing for a show or you just want your horse to have a healthy, shiny and stunning coat every day, why not have a read through these tips that’ll help your horse’s coat sparkle through the winter months.

Add Oil to Horse Feed

If your horse’s coat looks dark and dull add a little vegetable, corn or soy oil to their diet. Correcting this balance is easily done when using an oil specifically blended to offer a high omega-3 intake such as Foran Equine’s Kentucky Karron Oil. The advantage of this type of oil is that low intake is required. Typically just 45mls per day can be added to their feeds, which won’t break the bank and is easily digested by the horse.

Improve Coat with a High Copper Horse Feed

As well as drop in oils, it is common for the diet to run a little short on the vitamins and minerals normally found in spring and summer pasture.

The secret to improving your horse’s coat with Copper is simple; using balancers is an easy way to keep up intake and help keep the body fighting fit over the winter months. Balancers like Equine Copper Top Up Cubes contain high amounts of copper and this will also help put a good shine on a coat again. Dried forages are very low in copper, normally between four and eight mg/kg, whereas a balancer will be around 160 mg/kg. Intakes for balancers are normally 100mg/100kg of bodyweight.

Supplements for a Shiny Horse Coat

Coat supplements can keep a horse’s coat shiny by feeding them additional B vitamins. When at pasture the horse can produce these vitamins quite easily. Winter feeding can leave them a little short if the hard feed is not well supplemented or you are using chaffs, beet pulp, alfalfa or straights such as oats as the base which wouldn’t be helping to make your horse’s coat shiny.

GROCARE Balancer will contain a high level of B vitamins or they can be supplemented specifically using products such as Foran Equine’s Shy Feeder. Without pasture which is high in moisture the diet in winter can seem a little dry and not very ‘juicy’. Popping in some beet pulp or adding an apple or two is often a welcome treat!

If you’re looking for any advice on what can you give your horse to make their coat shine; get in-touch with one of our equine nutrition experts by leaving them a quick question.


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