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A New Leash of Life – Leader

At RED MILLS, we know that your dog is an important member of the family. We’ve been through a lot of changes in recent months to roll out a whole new brand image for our Leader range, and we’re very excited to share this with you.

We want your pet to thrive, and with Leader, we’re fully invested in natural dog nutrition.


Connolly’s RED MILLS is a proud Irish brand committed to advanced nutrition and healthcare solutions for animal health, well-being, and performance. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients, and every RED MILLS product is fully traceable from farm to fork. This is a commitment we’ve been invested in since the company was established in 1908.

William Connolly & Sons Ltd was first established in Goresbridge, County Kilkenny when Michael Connolly purchased a mill for £400. In an effort to make this stand out from the other mills in the area, he painted the roof red. And with that, the name of the company was cemented.

Today, five generations later, the business is still family-run.

What Makes Us Different?

At RED MILLS, trust is paramount to our business and we work hard to make sure everything we do is transparent to our customers. We use only the best quality ingredients and source Irish ingredients wherever possible.

Better yet, our manufacturing is very visible so you can see where and how the dog food is made. We have over 200 staff members who work hard to make sure that our customers feel confident in their choice to feed their pets RED MILLS.

We’ve pet care advisors, veterinary support and nutritional experts who advise on our range and ensure your pet is getting the best possible food for their health and digestion.

New Packaging

When designing our new packaging, we wanted to visually highlight the benefits of our Leader range. As nutrition’s such an essential element of our products, we dedicated 50% of the design to the science and research that informs our brand. Clean sharp lines and a white colour palette were chosen to demonstrate the importance of science to our Leader range.

The other most important aspect we wanted to showcase are the natural ingredients that our dog food is made up of. The wooden fence, grassy landscape and natural colour palette were all carefully chosen to reflect this natural element.

Range Of Products

We know every dog is unique, so we don’t just have a ‘one size fits all’ bag of dog food. Instead, we have a range of six products to suit different life stages and dietary requirements. These are all tied together with our new branding, but each offers something different from puppy to senior.

  • Puppy products have targeted growth formula to promote optimal growth rate, giving your puppy the best start in life
  • Leader Slimline boasts a low calorie recipe specifically designed for overweight dogs. The ingredients include ginger, turmeric, cranberries, beetroot and rosemary to provide botanic benefits and a taste that your dog will love
  • Leader Senior includes glucosamine and chondroitin, which are essential ingredients for overall healthy joint development and function in your dog’s later years

The entire Leader range is hypo-allergenic and includes no wheat, no soya, no maize, no beet pulp, no wheat and no pork.

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