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The Benefits of Growing up with a Dog

Meet Bobby, the Dog

Bobby the dog recently agreed to do a guest blog for us! He takes us through his two and a half years of life so far and highlights the benefits of a child growing up with a dog along the way!

Meet Bobby the dog

My name is Bobby Ricky Bobby but you can just call me Bobby, I’m nearly two and a half years old. I moved to this new house in Galway nearly two and a half years ago and we’ve had so much fun going for long walks in woods and at beaches. Did I say I like to swim? I love to swim.

Walks on the beach

Where was I? Oh yeah, about a year ago things started to change with the ‘Lady’ of the house, she started getting bigger and got very tired. Sometimes when we had a cuddle on the couch in the evening I could feel her belly move. Then one day Eddie came home with dirty nappies and very small clothes, he put them all around the house.

At first, I thought they smelt strange but then I got used to it. A few days afterward all my family came home but this time with toys, treats and big bones. I was so excited I did not even notice Poppy Maye come into the house. I just played with my toys and starting planting my bones in pots.

Planting Bones in Pots

We have so much fun together. We play all the time. I’m very gentle with Poppy Maye and Eddie is always nearby just in case. I’m not old enough to mind her by myself, sure I’m only two and a half.

A Dog Can Teach Confidence

I’ve noticed Poppy Maye getting bigger and stronger and I even helped her to walk.

I love our morning cuddles

What can I say, she is my best friend.

I don’t think I’m the only dog who has a little friend. But I think I’m the luckiest one. If you have some photos please do share them.

Please note: If you are bringing a baby home for the first time, talk to your vet about how the best way to integrate them into your family. Also, we do not recommend ever leaving your dog alone with your baby. No matter how well behaved they are.

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