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Tessa Harley Looks Forward to the 2017 Eventing Season

It's March, spring is in the air and the 2017 eventing season is fast approaching.  Even Catsky senses that the events are close as he gets stud holes fitted in his shoes and after many days of dressage and show-jumping training through the winter he gets to have fun days cantering and cross country schooling in preparation for the season ahead.

The Young rider championships are on home ground this year at the wonderful Millstreet. I am lucky enough to be on the Young Rider training championship squad this year, which is managed by Sally Corscadden, who is also our cross-country coach, while Heike Holstein is dressage coach and Mark Kyle is the show jumping coach.

Being on the Championship squad we are very lucky to have fitness, nutrition and psychology help. Joe O’Connor from Nisus fitness has been helping us with our fitness and nutrition.

Nisus fitness runs off four main principles for their online approach- Freedom, Direction, Support and Accountability. These mean that you can exercise how and when you want, with fitness programs designed by the experts to suit your needs.

Help is always on hand if you have any questions or issues. I now have three new apps that I use daily. Trainerize is the first one, I keep in contact with my assigned personal trainer and I can view and track my fitness programs on this.

The second is MYZONE, this is linked to my new heart monitor, which monitors heart rate and calorie loss during exercise and awards you with points for effort put into your workout.

The final app is MyFitnessPal, which is where I track the food I eat and the data us broken down into percentages of protein, carbohydrates etc. A nutritional plan will be made in the coming week but for the moment they are getting an idea of our regular diets.

Niamh Fitzpatrick is the psychologist and we will be meeting her for the first time soon to prepare for the upcoming big events.

It is all very helpful and motivating, as we are high-performance athletes and need every bit of help that we can get to perform at our best.

We have had two sessions so far with much more penciled in for later in the year.

Along with the fitness and nutrition meeting at our National Sports Campus in Abbottstown, I also had great dressage and show jumping lessons followed by a cross-country lesson at Grange Farm the following day. All went very well and I came away with lots of good tips and exercises to take forward with me into the season ahead.

Fingers crossed for a successful and safe season for everyone.

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