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Guest Blogpost – Meet Belle

I’m Belle, I’m paw writing to you All  from the Royal County.  I live in Navan with my lovely human family.  My pet name is Cotton Ball, and you can all guess why??  Yes, I am adorably soft and fluffy.  You may have seen me in Navan while I do the shopping with my mammy. I’m always in my little white socks and my pink blingy collar and wearing the most beautiful contented smile as we pass my favourite shops. 

People always stop my mammy and they ask ….  My oh my, your little dog is adorable and looks so healthy, what do you feed her ?  So listen up human ears and fluffy ears …  My mammy replies ..

“Ohhh Belle loves LEADER SMALL ADULT NUTS, some days with chicken and some days on its own.”

When I hear the rustling of the bag in mammy’s kitchen I know it’s feeding time and I gobble it all up till my little soft belly tells me … U R FULL LITTLE GIRL !!!  then I go for a little nap to charge my little battery for my walker before night fall.

To all my Fans…  Remember this … What goes in to your little insides .. Shows on the outside!!!

Look at Me !!!   I ROCK.

XXX BELLE from Navan

With thanks to Belle’s owner Oonagh O’Driscoll for sending us is the email on behalf of Belle 😉 

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