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Connolly’s RED MILLS Spring Tour 2018

Spring Tour 2018 Start Lists and Results

Date Venue Start Lists / Results
Feb: 11th Jag Equestrian 1.10m1.20m Jag Results of Jag Equestrian CRM ST 201s
Feb 18th Cavan 1 1.20 Cavan1.35 Spring Tour Cavan 1.30 Cavan 1.10 Cavan
Feb 25th Broadmeadows 1m Broadmeadows1.10m Broadmeadows 1.20m Broadmeadows 1.35 Spring Tour Broadmeadows (1)
March 4th Killossery
March 10th Portmore
March 10th Ballinamona
March 18th Cavan 2
March 25th Maryville
March 25th Kernans
April 1st Barnadown
April 8th Mullingar
Apsil 14ts Warrington
April 19th Coilogs

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