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RED MILLS catches up with Emma Connolly – Assistant Trainer at Noel Meade Racing

Connolly’s RED MILLS and Foran Equine are delighted to be together supporting Up The Yard 2017 at Punchestown Racecourse on November 18th. Recently we caught up with Emma Connolly, the assistant trainer at Noel Meade Racing.

Why did you decide to work with horses?
I always loved working with horses. I first started when I was 6 or 7. My first pony was Misty. I used to do a lot of hunting when I was young


How long have you worked for Noel Meade?

I having been working for Noel for almost 9 years now.


What is it about your job that you love?
I love working with horses in general, especially when you get to ride and care for good horses on a daily basis.


Who is your favourite horse?
Oohh that’s a toughie. It would be impossible to pick a single favourite. I would have to split it between Texas Jack and Snow Falcon.


What is your most memorable moment/moments in racing?
My most memorable moments would have to be anything Texas Jack and Snow Falcon have done. Also when Apache Stronghold won his grade 1 in Leopardstown that was a special day.


What advice would you give a person who has just started in the industry?
They must be prepared to work hard, but it’s a very rewarding job.


What would you typical day be?
There is always slight variation to a normal day, it all depends on what is going on. On a normal day I would start about 7, get my jobs done and ride out a few lots. After this I will either go racing, liase with the vets, farrier, dentist or do general jobs around the yard done. The horses are our number one priority, everything we do is to make sure that they are looked after to the highest standards.


If you had the opportunity, would you change careers?
I probably wouldn’t change careers if I was given the opportunity. To be honest I have enjoyed every minute of working in racing.


Do you have any long-term goals/ambitions?
I wouldn’t call them goals or ambitions. But I do plan to keep working away and hope that our horses continue to run well.


What’s your fancy for the Up The Yard race at Punchestown?
Jack Martin is the representative for our yard. I’m not sure what he rides yet, but hopefully whatever it is it will be there 1 furlong out with a winning chance and our whole team will be there cheering him on.


Team Noel Meade 

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