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Celebrating Paddy’s Day with Your Best Friend

While your dog won’t be raising a pint with you, you can include him in some of your Paddy’s Day plans. Some events are very dog-friendly, while others are not. For many, it depends on the individual dog.

Some dogs are happy to don a costume and cash in on the extra attention, while others will attempt to eat their dog costume if given half a chance. Some dogs are the life of the party, happy to watch or even join in a parade. Others would cower in terror at a marching band.  You know your dog best. You’re the best judge of what he would love and what would upset him. If you are considering dressing your dog up for St. Patrick’s Day and taking him to some fun events, you have a few decisions to make first.

First, you need to decide about a dog costume. Would your dog be a good sport, or would a costume frighten him? You can find some awesome dog costumes at pet shops and at costume shops. If you are crafty, you can even make one yourself. What about an Aran knit dog jumper? Measure your dog before you go shopping to ensure you get one that fits well. But be aware that not everything sold as a costume for dogs is actually safe for them.

Picking a Safe Dog Costume

Before you take your dog out in his costume, try it on him at home. Make sure it does not pose any of these problems:

  • Your dog’s costume should not restrict his movement. He’ll be uncomfortable and anxious if he can’t move freely, and he will be likely to hurt himself. Your dog should be able to sit, lie down, walk and run easily in his costume.
  • Make sure he can see and hear well in the costume.
  • The costume should be snug but not tight.
  • No part of it should cover his mouth or nose or restrict his breathing.
  • Avoid costumes with loose or dangling pieces that your dog could chew off, choke on or swallow. Watch out for costumes with capes or wings or anything that could easily catch on something.
  • If you are taking your pet out after dark in his costume, make sure it has some reflective material so he can be easily seen.

Never leave your pet unattended in his costume, even at home. Your dog could experience a wardrobe malfunction in even the safest costume, and that could lead to panic and injury.

Taking Your Dog Out for Paddy’s Day

Parades are where it’s at on our national day.  Some dogs love them, and some dogs hate them. Dublin and Galway have massive celebrations that draw huge crowds. While these are amazing spectacles for us humans, they aren’t the best choice for most dogs. Smaller parades in towns and villages are more dog-friendly. If your dog regularly walks along a section of the parade route, he is going to feel more confident there. Seeing familiar people can also reassure him the parade is not a threat. If you decide to bring your dog to a parade, look for a spot along the route where the crowd is thinner. You might need to leave if it is too much for your dog.

Outdoor concerts and street fairs are great fun at St. Patrick’s Day, and many allow dogs. If you go with your dog, remember to keep a close eye on him. If he’s wearing a festive costume, many people will approach him. How social is your dog? Will this irritate him, or will he bask in the attention? Many dogs are somewhere in the middle. If that’s your dog, you can bring him along for a short part of the day or give him regular breaks by retreating to a quiet spot away from the crowds or going for walks away from the event.

Any time you are taking your dog out for the day, you need to pack a few supplies. That’s one way they really are like children! Remember to bring some water for your dog along with plenty of poop scooping bags and some tasty treats. You’ll probably have a snack while you’re out, and your friend will get hungry too. A pocket full of Connolly RED MILLS Leader Nutri Vigor treats will keep him satisfied throughout the day. They are also handy if you need to distract him for a moment or reinforce his good behaviour. Plus, with Nutri Vigor Skin & Coat Care or Nutri Vigor Hip & Joint Care, he’ll get more than a tasty treat.

If you really want to go to a dog-related event  this Paddy’s Day, you could forego the parades and head to the Irish Kennel Club’s International Championship Show on the 17th and 18th. It’s at the National Show Centre, Cloughran, County Dublin, near the airport.

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