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Top Tips to prepare for the AIRC Hunter Trial Championships

The RED MILLS AIRC Hunter Trial Championships are just around the corner taking place on the 8th April at Flowerhill Equestrian in Co. Galway. Each competitor is undertaking their final preparations. Entries close tomorrow (29th March) so make sure you get your entry in to avoid missing out!

Below are some Top Tips to ensure you have a successful hunter trial campaign:

  1. It can take anywhere from 10 weeks or more to get a horse fit. Ensure you have a fitness plan laid out to suit your horse.
  2. Remember a horse returning from a long break or injury can take longer to regain fitness than a horse that was kept in light work.
  3. Check all safety equipment is up to standard. Replace any equipment that does not meet the criteria. See AIRC 2018 Rulebook
  4. Check all tack, it is vital to make sure it is in good condition and fits properly. The last thing you want is for your reins to snap or saddle to slip due to an ill-fitting girth.
  5. Schooling over cross country and water fences 2-3 weeks before the competition can be an advantage. It allows you to practice tricky lines while also giving you time to build confidence during your schooling session.
  6. On the day of competition arrive early to allow yourself plenty of time to walk the course. Have a plan in mind, but don’t be afraid to use plans B – Z if they are needed.
  7. Wear gloves with good grip – leather gloves when wet allow the reins to slip through your hands.
  8. Tape over any velcro boots so you don’t lose them out on course.
  9. Watch a few competitors go to get an idea of how the course is riding.
  10. Nerves are a good thing – use them to your advantage
Lastly: Remember to have FUN! 
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