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Harvest Update

With farmers across all sectors facing difficult conditions, early harvest has begun and yields, to some degree, have been hit.

It has been a very difficult time of late for all in the farming sector due to the scorching heat and dry weather since the start of May.

As a result, we have seen one of the earliest starts to the harvest in many a year. There is a large amount of the winter barley harvested now and it appears yields have been hit, but not as bad as first impressions gave.

 It is true to say that some of the drier land has suffered worse than the heavier ground, but even though grain does not look great in appearance it is still weighing surprisingly well and the bushels are there to support this, ranging from 62 to 70 kph. 6 row hybrids have held their quality well ranging from 63 to 65 kph yielding 3.5 to 4.0tns/acre at low moistures in general. 2 rows are yielding from 3 to 4 tonnes with excellent kph’s of 65 to 70. Overall it has not been a bad start but there is a lot of varied yields which does make it difficult to gauge where overall yields will finish for the winter barley crop.

Some winter oats have just been harvested with kph holding up very well in the mid 50’s but is too early to say where yields will stand but look like being back on previous years.

Looking at some of the winter wheat and spring barley, it looks as if there will be plenty of crops ready to harvest before the end of July which is a lot earlier than normal. Most of the oilseed rape has been desiccated and should be ready to harvest in 14-20 days.

All any of us can do now at this stage is keep our fingers crossed that yields can stay at a respectable level. There is some optimism that the harvest grain price looks like being somewhat higher than last year at this stage due to current weather pattern over the past 10 months, which in general has been felt worldwide.

For more information or assistance on managing crops in these conditions, contact the RED MILLS agronomy team.

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