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October Crop Watch

Following favourable conditions this autumn, farmers are beginning to plant wheat, barley and oats. October’s crop watch shows that there has been a big increase in barley plantings this year, while wheat plantings should remain on a similar par to last year.

The very favourable weather conditions this autumn, coupled with good margins achieved on winter crops through strong grain prices, plus a buoyant market for straw, many tillage farmers are taking the opportunity to plant wheat, barley and oats. It is looking like barley will increase in plantings by approximately 20% in comparison with last year and possibly higher than 2016 plantings. Wheat should hold its own as regards plantings versus last year.


Wheat and barley should all be sprayed pre-emergence or early post-emerge once tramlines are visible. The main options this year will be Firebird, Vigon, Naceto, Tower, Flight, Bulldog and there are also some straight Flufencet products like Fence and Gorgon which will be suitable for topping up fields that have brome issues. Oats can be sprayed with products like Hurricane, Diflanil or Stride. Redigo Deter treated seed will be ok for 4 -8 weeks depending on seeding rates before an aphicide will be needed to be applied. Any untreated will need an aphicide application once crop reaches 2/3 leaves and may probably need a follow up treatment 2-3 weeks later if conditions favour aphid build up


Oilseed RapeOilseed rape is really starting to move through the growth stages now and will need to be closely monitored for light leaf spot and Phoma. With some crops getting very strong it may well be worthwhile to consider spraying the next week to 10 days once at the 4 to 6 leaf stage with a suitable fungicide like Caramba, Folicur or Magnello which all have a growth regulatory affect as well as fungicidal control. This will then have to be followed up by middle of November with a specific treatment for Light leaf spot with the product of choice being Proline. Any backward crops should only be sprayed with products like Proline that don’t have any growth regulation affect.


Many farmers took the opportunity to sow Grass seed in the past few weeks and these will need to be carefully monitored for weeds and sprayed where possible once ground conditions don’t deteriorate too much. Use products such as Underclear(Clover friendly), Envy or Reaper/Binder with the latter 3 products not being clover friendly.


For more information or assistance, contact the RED MILLS agronomy team or call into our Agri Super Store in Cillin Hill.

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