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RED MILLS delighted to support ISH Young Breeders National Competition

The 2019 ISH Young Breeders National Competition took place on Saturday, 26 January, at Ravensdale Equestrian Centre in Dundalk, County Louth. It was jointly organised by Teagasc and Horse Sport Ireland. Connolly's RED MILLS were delighted to support this event.

Wendy Conlon, Teagasc Equine specialist said; “A dedicated and focused group of 14-25 year olds demonstrated their skills as horse handlers, their knowledge in assessment of conformation and athleticism traits of horses; while also completing a theory test on equine health and welfare; nutrition; stable management and the sport.”

Highly respected and experienced industry professionals Jack Doyle (Coach and ex international showjumper), Andrew Hughes (Ennisnag Stud), Philip Scott (Barnfield Equestrian) and Richard Sheane (Cooley Farm), not only assessed the skills of the handlers, but set the standards for their younger counterparts to match in the assessment of the horses. The day ‘doubled up’ as a forum for breeders to learn from, and interact with, the judges on the traits and requirements for the sports of show jumping and eventing, in relation to breeding stock and horses for market. A superb selection of sport horses were professionally presented by Thomas Quigley from County Carlow, providing excellent subjects for discussion.

The competition itself acts as the first step in the qualification process for team participants to represent the Irish Sport Horse Studbook at the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Young Breeders World Championship 2019  to be held in Stadl Paura Austria from the 19th to 22nd July 2019.

Andrew Hughes (Ennisnag Stud); Nicola Corcoran and Louise Hobbs (Horse Sport Ireland); Philip Scott (Barnfield Equestrian); Amy Finn (3rd seniors); Melissa Glynn (2nd seniors); Jack Doyle (Cruicrath Stud); Richard Sheane (Cooley Farm).

Senior (20-25 yrs) Competition Winners were:

1. Conor Wixted, Co. Clare

2. Melissa Glynn, Co. Roscommon

3. Amy Finn, Co. Kilkenny





Nicola Corcoran (Horse Sport Ireland ); Andrew Hughes (Ennisnag Stud); Philip Scott (Barnfield Equestrian); Danielle Boland ( 3rd Juniors); Michelle Dunne (2nd Juniors); Dan Geaney (1st Juniors); Jack Doyle (Cruicrath Stud); Richard Sheane (Cooley Farm)

Junior (16-19 yrs) Competition Winners were:

1. Dan Geaney, Co. Kerry

2. Michelle Dunne, Co. Dublin

3. Danielle Boland, Co. Tipperary





Andrew Hughes (Ennisnag Stud); Nicola Corcoran and Louise Hobbs (Horse Sport Ireland); Philip Scott (Barnfield Equestrian); Anya Teuton (1st youth); Shane Donohue (2nd Youth); Tiana Kyle (3rd Youth).

Youth (14 – 15 yrs) Competition Winners were:

1. Anya Teuton, Newtownards, Co. Down

2. Shane Donohue Ballina, Co. Mayo

3. Tiana Kyle Navan, Co. Meath





The junior and senior winners will be joined by seniors Kevin Finn, Kathryn Jones, Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Brashaw, Conor Mahon and juniors Ellie Duggan, Edward Hennessy, Laura Dennehy, Katie Dinneen and Tara Timlin, to battle it out over a further four selection days in March and April. Four 16-19 year olds and four 20-25 year olds will be identified who will travel to Austria in July 2019 to represent the ISH Studbook at the International Young Breeders World Championships.

The next training date for ISH Young Breeders open to all 20-25 year olds takes place at Connolly Stud Farm, Tuam, Co. Galway on 9th February where those aged 14-25 years have the opportunity to learn from established successful prize winning breeders, Pat and Shane Connolly (CSF), with the additional tutelage of Teagasc Equine Specialists and trainers Philip Scott, and Tiernan Gill, Brooklands Bedding.

More information on ‘ish young breeders’ on Facebook; www.teagasc.iewww.horsesportireland.ie

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