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Planning for Spring 2019

As we look ahead to spring 2019, now is the time to begin planning your fertiliser programmes and decide on your chosen varieties for this year.

Spring Varieties 2019

Spring Barley

In comparison to 2018, spring barley hectarage will no doubt drop in areas this year, mainly due to the large quantities of winter barley planted last autumn. Despite this, it remains the largest planted crop with an area above 100,000 h/a to be planted this spring, however, this has slipped from 170/180,000 h/a in the last 5 years.

Connolly’s RED MILLS will have five varieties on offer this spring, namely; Gangway, Planet, Irina, Limona and KWS Cantton, which is a new addition to the list this year. The first three varieties mentioned are fully recommended and continue to perform very consistently, as does the provisionally recommended Limona. New to us this year, is KWS Cantton, which is the 2nd highest yielding variety on the list at 103, boasting an excellent disease-resistant package and is also an early maturing variety.

Hand full of GrainSpring Wheat

Spring wheat will also be a small area crop with the main varieties available including Quintus and Doubleshot. There is a new variety called STARLIGHT, which we will be used to plant some basic seed this spring. This variety is showing some outstanding yield figures in trials, so this is one to keep an eye on.

Spring Oat

Spring oat seed is not available this year, due to a seed scarcity and strong autumn plantings. Going forward, the main varieties will be Husky and WPB Isabel. WPB Isabel is performing very well in spring trials more so than winter trials and is demonstrating excellent yield and kph in spring trials versus Husky.

Fertiliser Programmes in Winter Cereals

February is the time to plan ahead and start fertiliser programmes on winter crops. It is important to prioritise fields that need early Nitrogen and also make sure to apply correct levels of P and K based on soil samples and offtakes from previous crops.

For further assistance on varieties and fertiliser programmes for this spring, please contact the RED MILLS agronomy team or call into our Agri Super Store in Cillin Hill.

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