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What should I feed my horse during travel or quarantine?

When a horse is competing it is important to keep the diet consistent throughout the season to avoid digestive disturbances/feed refusal.

Sudden changes in diet can predispose a horse to digestive disturbances or feed refusal. This applies when changing the diet from one feed to another and/or increasing the quantity of feed being offered and/or when adding other feedstuffs to the existing diet such as, bran, cereals (eg oats), chaff, beet pulp, feed balancers, etc.

During transport and quarantine when the horse is not in work it is equally important that the diet remain consistent during this period and that the horse remain on the same diet. It is hugely important that the quantity of feed offered during transport or quarantine is greatly reduced. Once the horse is back in work the quantity can be increased gradually.

Connolly’s RED MILLS Comfort Mash/ Hi Fibre Bran Mash may be combined with the existing feed but it is advised that new feedstuffs should be introduced gradually and should be fed in small amounts.

When travelling and/or in quarantine, it is important that the horse receives a number of small meals per day rather than 2-3 large meals per day.

For more information on how to introduce a new feed into your horses diet click HERE

If you have any questions about your horse’s diet or would like some advice on formulating a feeding plan for your horse please don’t hesitate to contact the Connolly’s RED MILLS Nutritional Team.

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