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A day in the life of an Equine Nutritionist

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an Equine Nutritionist? Laura, who looks after the South East of the UK, explains all in the October issue of Absolute Horse magazine.

As well as looking after her own area, Laura provides technical support to other members of the UK team, overseeing the South of England. From racehorses to broodmares and foals, showjumpers to show horses, it’s the variety in her everyday work that Laura loves. One day she might be helping Olympic competition horses and the next looking at yearlings getting ready for the sales. When she’s not out visiting clients, Laura will be kept busy developing diet plans, analysing forage reports or writing articles and presentations.


You can read the full article from page 44 at http://bit.ly/EquineNutritionistAH


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