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RED MILLS Customer Blog by Louise Skinner

"I have both horses on RED MILLS, I'm a big fan and it works well for me; I work full time and compete as an amateur. I only normally feed a nut and chaff, very basic, so I couldn't say I feed lots of potions but then that's why I feed RED MILLS."

We love to hear our customer’s stories and recently we received a lovely message from Louise on Instagram, letting us know how she was getting on with her horses.

Pony mad as a child, Louise’s mum was a hunt groom for a number of years so she has an old-fashioned grounding as well as coming up through the Pony Club ranks.

“I would have loved to ride and produce young horses as a career but life hasn’t worked out that way and it’s hard industry to make money” said Louise. “I’ve worked hard and now have a super sales job as an area manager for a global farm machinery manufacturer; farm machinery sales is also in my blood.”

“I currently have two very lovely horses; Andy is a 9 year old by Cardento I bought out of Ireland from Seamus and Maria Hayes nearly 4 years ago. I have produced himself and I’m aiming to get my Fox double clears and jump some 1.25m this coming winter. He is a big horse at 17.1hh, although he was only 16 he when I bought him as a 4 year old! He’s has taken a huge amount of time and is a typical big horse, soft as grease, slightly cold to ride but super sensitive when he wants to be.”

“My second horse, Oreo, is a 6 year old by Couler Rubin, bought as a 3 year old from John Steels. A stunning horse, loads of blood and so sensitive and intelligent, he has needed loads of time for his sharp brain and is ready to hand over to a professional to get on with what could be a good career showjumping.”

“Both horses have been on RED MILLS for the last 18 months. I like to keep things simple, Horse Care 10 Cubes and a high oil chaff split over two feeds along with good quality haylage which I feed off the floor.”

“During the lockdown both horses have had a good break in the field as they had no turnout over the winter. I switched slowly over to a lite chaff and a mug of Performa Care Balancer. Now they are back in work I’m reintroducing a morning feed and Horse Care 10. I will keep them on the balancer as I think it’s done a great job. I feed accordingly and make sure when they are in work, they are getting all they need.”

“They have 5 to 6 days good work a week and go on the walker. Foreign horses aren’t so forgiving on too many days off, it also keeps me fit and focused. I’m lucky to keep them at home, so I do have help in the winter and once lock down lifts and I start travelling for work and have my eye on some shows, I will have some help on the yard again.”

“One of my mantras in life is to keep it simple and RED MILLS helps me to do that with the ever so important feeding of my horses. I do top them up with Foran Equine’s Equi-Lyte G, their electrolytes – they smell delicious and good for these warm days and for when shows return. I’ve also recently started using the Foran Equine Hoof Oil, it gives a lovely gloss and has the good stuff in too. Even my farrier commented and asked what I was using!”

“Another great advantage of feeding RED MILLS is the quality of my horses’ feet, especially Andy, as it has taken nearly 4 years to get his foot quality right. If you put goodness in, goodness shows through their skin, hooves and eyes. I look at it when I feed myself, I know when I’ve not had enough fruit or water, tiredness sets in and my skin looks dull. It’s the same for any horse or animal for that matter.”

“It’s a family affair here as all of my animals are lucky enough to receive RED MILLS! On my recent online order of products I bought Spud, my 9 month old daschund, some of the Go Native duck flavoured treats. His recall is still to be desired but he doesn’t leave my side when he knows I’ve shoved a few treats in my pocket… He isn’t a greedy dog so it’s a good compliment to RED MILLS.”


Thank you Louise for sharing a little about your horses with us! If you’ve got any queries about feeding or nutrition, you can ask our expert team.


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