Feeding a larger dog

Feeding a larger dog such as a boxer, labrador retriever or golden retriever can bring a few challenges of its own. Many owners worry as to whether they’re giving their dog enough food – but it’s just as much a problem if you over-feed them.

  • An obvious starting point is to check the instructions on the food label, but you should also make sure that you keep an eye on your dog on a regular basis to make sure it’s neither too thin nor too heavy.
  • If you want to start off on the best foot, weigh your dog to get an accurate starting point – then start giving it the appropriate amount of food from the manufacturer’s food label.
  • Then, every few weeks, have a good hard look at your dog and check whether it’s looking just right in terms of weight – your vet can also help you assess it from a professional point of view.

Weighing your dog is easier than it sounds. Weigh yourself, first, and then weigh yourself holding the dog. Subtracting one from the other will give you your dog’s weight.

If you think your dog is too heavy or too light, simply reduce or increase the amount you feed accordingly.

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