The RED MILLS Care Range

We are delighted to announce that our most popular and nutritionally advanced RED MILLS Care Range has been enhanced with the addition of two new low starch, muesli products Horse Care 10 Mix and Horse Care 14 Mix, plus the whole range is in a new bag design!

What’s new?

Two new low starch, muesli feeds

Horse Care 10 Mix

Horse Care 14 Mix

New and updated paper bag design
Horse Care 14 Cubes and Mix now in 20kg bag
Enhanced RED MILLS Care package with improved levels of vitamins and minerals

Why the RED MILLS Nutrition Care Package? 

The modern-day horse faces many challenges – the physical and mental stresses of training, frequent travel and competitions and the tremendous demands of the breeding season. Key body systems including the digestive system, musculoskeletal system and immune systems are tested daily. With this in mind, our expert nutrition team have developed the RED MILLS Care package for a scientifically advanced range of feeds, that have been specifically formulated to provide the horse with optimum nutritional support.

High in antioxidants Vitamin E, C and selenium 
Contains a long-lasting gastric acid buffer 
Contains yeast and the prebiotics, MOS and FOS 
Contains elevated levels of biotin and associated nutrients, including zinc and copper 
Contains chelated minerals including copper, manganese and zinc 
Added bone support package, including vitamin K 

A variety of factors place the performance horse at risk of gastric ulceration, caused by gastric acid erosion of the epithelial lining of the stomach wall. The RED MILLS Care package has been specifically designed to help support and maintain normal stomach health. All RED MILLS Care products are low in starch and contain a slow releasing, natural gastric buffer to help to buffer excess acid thereby helping to maintain a healthy stomach pH. 

Precise nutritional care is needed to support muscle development, growth and post-exercise recovery. The RED MILLS Care package is formulated to provide high quality protein, rich in essential amino acids. A comprehensive, unique antioxidant package combining Vitamin E, organic Selenium and Vitamin C is also included to effectively support cellular function and muscle recovery.   

Maintaining a healthy and efficient hindgut in high performing competition and stud horses can be challenging. The RED MILLS Care package includes fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), and live yeast, all of which help to promote a healthy hindgut environment.  

FOS, a prebiotic, promotes the development of beneficial bacteria
MOS acts as a pathogen binder to help keep unwanted bacteria from populating the hindgut
Yeast aids fibre digestion and nutrient uptake

Skeletal problems and bone injuries are a common concern in youngstock and performance horses. The RED MILLS Care package has been formulated to help promote bone strength and correct limb development by providing quality protein, vitamins A, D and K, plus essential micronutrients such as elements calcium and phosphorus. Chelated copper and zinc are also included for for improved availability. All the feeds in the RED MILLS Care range have also been designed to provide controlled levels of starch to help reduce excessive glycaemic response after feeding. 

Horse hoof health is determined by several factors including genetics, environment, and nutrition. The RED MILLS Care package contains elevated levels of biotin to help support improved hoof quality, plus quality protein, a source of sulphur-containing amino acids, chelated zinc and copper all of which play important roles in maintaining hoof health.  

The Care Range

Horse Care 10 Cubes

A low starch, high fibre, oat-free cube with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


Horse Care 10 Mix

A low starch, high fibre, oat-free mix with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


Horse Care 14 Cubes

A low starch, high fibre cube containing oats, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


Horse Care 14 Mix

A low starch, high fibre mix containing oats, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


Performa Care Balancer

A nutrient-rich balancer, specifically formulated for the performance horse, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


Grocare Balancer

A nutrient-rich balancer, specifically formulated for broodmares, stallions and youngstock, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package


If you’d like to find out more about the RED MILLS Care Range or nutritional services, get in touch with our expert team.