The Importance of using Certified Seed

Certified Seed can be purchased through local agri merchants such as RED MILLS and comes with a guaranteed germination which ensures the best possible start to the crop. It is pure of variety and free of weed seeds, reducing growing costs and guaranteeing the grain buyer a consistent quality.

All steps of seed production, cleaning, storing and distribution are closely monitored by DAFF to ensure the final consumer can be assured of the high quality.

Intensive crop inspection results in low disease levels in seed and by using laboratory testing, any low level seed borne disease present can be identified and controlled using the correct chemicals, applied using specialised application equipment.

When compared to farm saved seed (FSS), which is not produced to the same standards as Certified Seed, FSS has no guarantee of germination or disease status and no comeback in the event of establishment issues. It must also be taken into account that it is illegal to trade or barter FSS.