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Michael qualified with a degree in Animal Science from University College Dublin in 2007 and immediately embarked on a research Master’s Degree, specialising in the area of pre-partum & post-partum dairy cow nutrition.

Michael was awarded a Master’s Degree in Animal Science in 2009 with several published papers including two peer reviewed papers together with presentations at national and international seminars. Following the completion of a Master’s Degree in Animal Science, Michael joined Cargill Animal Nutrition for two years with key responsibilities to include: formulation, pricing, procurement, research & development and quality management.

In 2012 Michael joined Connolly’s RED MILLS as ruminant nutritionist providing technical advice for all customers, sales representatives, formulations,  procurement, stock management, research and development.

‘I enjoy my job immensely as each day is different, dealing with people gives me a great level of satisfaction, particularly when I can give advice and assist our Connolly’s RED MILLS clients in a helpful, meaningful and trustworthy way ’. ‘ The key for me is PERFORMANCE under all species, it is of great significance the performance, metabolic and health profile of the animal is always improved from feed supplied from Connolly’s RED MILLS, each day I do my best to ensure that is continually happening’

In Michael’s spare time, he works on his father and brothers dairy farm. He is also a fitness fanatic playing hurling, gaelic football, soccer, swimming and tag rugby. ‘I have a very keen interest in sport particular hurling, rugby, horse racing (both flat & hunt), soccer and golf’.