RED MILLS and Eventing Ireland launch the Opposition Beaten Percentage League

April 30, 2021

Eventing Ireland and RED MILLS are delighted to launch a new league for Eventing Ireland members in 2021 with an exciting new number at the heart of it – the Opposition Beaten Percentage (OBP). It is a simple number, but also a powerful one – how many combinations have you competed against, and how many have you finished ahead of? The OBP was designed by EquiRatings and is part of the new Eventing Ireland Stats Centre which was launched this month and is available on the Eventing Ireland website. Speaking this week ahead of the OBP launch, EquiRatings Managing Director, Diarmuid Byrne said; “We love this number in the office so it is exciting to see it being used in a RED MILLS league. It is a metric that has attracted attention from all over the world”.

To be part of the RED MILLS OBP Horse League in 2021, a combination needs to register three runs in Eventing Ireland this season (home internationals are also included). The current leader is Denali with Adam Haugh with an OBP of 90.9%. The leaders have four runs in 2021, taking on 110 opponents and beating 100 of them. Also in the top three at this early stage is Wellan Graffiti with Molly Evans (OBP 87.8%) and Tullaree Ruby Tuesday with Amanda Goldsbury (OBP 87.3%). EquiRatings founder and RED MILLS ambassador Sam Watson commented ‘OBP is a concept which can be applied per level, per year, per horse age but what will be fun this year is that in Eventing Ireland we have a league where every rider, of every level is competing against each other. It is competitive in our house already!’


RED MILLS and Eventing Ireland have worked together for many years to support Irish eventing and Irish eventers. David O’Brien said of the new league “RED MILLS have been a great supporter of eventing in Ireland for many years and what is important to us all is finding connection across the membership. Our latest partnership with Red Mills and Equiratings brings a new tilt to our Stats Centre as we  see which horses are the most consistent through the season, it should give rise to some interesting outcomes and allows our members another level of competition.

Jane Davis, Head of Equine Marketing, RED MILLS; “We’ve been working with the Eventing Ireland and EquiRatings teams for a long time now and we’re really excited to be a part the latest eventing innovation and launch the RED MILLS OBP Horse League.  We recognise the sheer passion, dedication and commitment that goes into producing event horses and we want to shine a light on that and reward competitors for their achievements.

It’s all about progress, no matter what level you are at and the OBP Horse league will highlight some of these achievement which otherwise might have slipped under the radar. It has a been a busy year at RED MILLS as we welcomed Carr & Day & Martin to the family. Along with our supplement company Foran Equine, we can now offer our customers the ultimate offering in horse care solutions.

We have just launched the Equine Hub at the RED MILLS where you can shop all your nutrition and care products as well as availing of our team’s expert advice. Each month we’ll we working with the EquiRatings team to select the monthly OBP League winners who be receiving some goodies from the RED MILLS Equine Hub.”

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