Biotin For Hoof Health in Dairy Cows

November 15, 2013

For the first time Connolly’s RED MILLS is including Biotin in in our complete range of dairy feeds. Biotin, a B vitamin, is quite commonly used in the horse and pig sectors with good results over many years.

Hoof problems occur on all dairy farms, at all times of the year. Long walks to paddocks along tracks during the grazing season, to indoor winter accommodation on slats for 3 – 4 months can create a serious challenge to hoof integrity for dairy stock. All scenarios will affect hoof health.

These problems can be aggravated by high levels of concentrate feeding, finely ground cereals, acidic highly digestible leafy silage, also low levels of digestible fibre.

Ulcers, white line disease and digital dermatitis are all common causes of lameness on Irish dairy farms.

Connolly’s RED MILLS realise that this is costing farmers money in reduced production due to the negative impact on cow mobility, which reduces the ability of the animal to consume feed, allied to the significant costs associated with hoof repair and maintenance. All of these factors add up.

To target cow hoof health Connolly’s RED MILLS Dairy Feeds contain biotin which is clinically proven to reduce hoof health issues by hardening the hoof, resulting in better overall health and performance of stock.

For more info contact your Connolly’s RED MILLS sales representative or our Nutrition team direct at 0599775800.