Dubai International Horse Fair

March 19, 2015

We are delighted to be exhibiting for the first time at DIHF and bringing a new standard of localised nutritional solutions for sport horses to the Middle East” says Michael Connolly, business development director of Connolly’s Red Mills. The Irish based family business was established in 1908 and today distributed in over 60 countries world wide from the USA to Japan.

Dubai International Horse Fair 2015

“It’s all about success”, says Connolly, RED MILLS already supplies 17 Royal Stables in the GCC and just last year commenced establishing local distributors in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In fact over 80% of the Qatar Racing Festival winners were powered by RED MILLS. The company successfully tendered for the QEF feed supply and RED MILLS fed horses took almost all the Arab glory at the recent Kuwait International Show. In showjumping recently recruited clients include Edwina Tops AlexanderBilly TwomeyBertram AllenShane Breen and Scott Brash.

What makes the RED MILLS group including its supplement company Foran Equine, so interesting for the the Middle Eastern market is the PRECISION NUTRITION CONCEPT, the fact that the products have been formulated especially for the training, genetics and traditions of the region. The company provides extensive technical support across the region with its own team of nutritionists, veterinarians and experienced horsemen.

RED MILLS is the only horse feed company with its own on site – anti-doping testing laboratory utilising the Q extractive Orbitrap apparatus to test for the same prohibited substances which the competition authorities test for.

However, probably the most interesting feature of RED MILLS product is its unique shelf-life technology – NFMS (TM). Packed in low O2 RED MILLS is the only feed which can survive the arduous Middle Eastern heat with out any artificial preservation. “It’s not just packaging” says Connolly – “it’s a bit like putting the banana skin back on the banana. It keeps everything fresh. There is no point in having the best product if it can’t be delivered in top condition. The benefit is the nutrition arrives in the horses mouth, fresh and tasting better and full of vital vitamins and antioxidants.”

RED MILLS is one of the largest investors in Research and Development in equine nutrition in the world and to date has sponsored countless  university based academic studies on Equine Ulcers, Tying-Up, optimal Copper levels, starch digestibility in Equines, OCD with on going studies on hydrolysed proteins for muscle development, pre and pro-biotics and body hydration with active electrolytes. “We have some really cool technology coming in the next few years”, smiles Connolly.

It’s not surprising that RED MILLS is the fastest growing horse nutrition brand in the Middle East and claims to be the largest supplier to the European and Asian racing market.