January 28, 2014

Do you want your cows to be fitter and healthier in early lactation?

NEW 17% KICKSTART Dairy Cubes

A blend of novel ingredients that will KICKSTART Your Cows.

Designed to target the transition cow post calving, reducing body condition loss and preparing the cow for the breeding season as well as producing high quality milk.

Management of freshly calved cows i.e. transition cows is the hot topic on most spring calving dairy farms. How these cows are fed in the weeks and months ahead will determine their lactation length, yield, future calving date, longevity, and if they are not managed correctly then the ultimate profitability of the enterprise will be affected.

The biggest issue a cow faces post calving is negative energy balance. The amount of milk produced exceeds the energy intake. Body condition loss may follow and unless that is controlled there can be serious consequences for her productivity and fertility.

17% KICKSTART Dairy Cubes is a new feed designed to tackle this issue on all dairy farms. Included is a blend of novel ingredients that will KICKSTART your cows!


Next Generation Hydrolysed Yeast – scientifically proven to increase milk yield and reduce SCC

Increases the amount of rumen microbes resulting in more VFA’s (Volatile Fatty Acids) = higher milk yield

Stimulates the cows’ immune system resulting in a reduced Somatic Cell Count by approx.


Lactose based sugar source to provide a rapidly available energy source to early lactation cows

Provides a readily fermentable energy source, improving rumen performance and feed efficiency

Increases microbial protein in the rumen and has a positive effect on dry matter intake


B-group vitamin used in the production of keratin which is involved in hoof and hair growth

Proven to harden the hoof and reduce laminitis, sole ulcers, white line disease and digital dermatitis

When trialled over 4-6 months, foot disorders decreased and cows had a better locomotion score


Marine Algae based rumen buffer – Scientifically Proven

Longer acting more efficient rumen buffer than Sodium Bicarbonate (Bread Soda)

Source of highly available Calcium and Magnesium


Maize, Sugar Beet Pulp, Soya, Rapeseed Meal, Wheat, Maize Distillers, and Molasses

Rich in fermentable starch, digestible fibre and quality proteins

Higher Mineral and Vitamin specification which contains protected trace elements

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