Kilkenny Working Gundog Club Combined Spaniel/Lab Working Test

June 14, 2017

Kilkenny Working Gundog Club held a combined Spaniel/Lab working test  in Mountmelick by kind permission of Mr. Pat Horan and Mr. Tom Flynn both these farmers kindly give up there ground, moved cattle and went out of there way to insure the ground would be ready for todays event and for that the committee would like to thank you kindly. We had a total of  96 dogs between both sections 53 Spaniels and 43 Labs. We would like to thank all the competitors who travelled from all across the county to support today’s event and everyone who helped out throughout the day in any way, K.W.G.C. are very grateful to have had such a big show of support.

There were two Judge’s for each section with Mr. Pat Herne and Mr.John Hartigan taking charge of the Labradors and Mr. Richie Power and Mr. Pj Davitt in control of the Spaniels. We would like to thank all the Judge’s for giving up there time and making the day a great success.  Mr.  Pj Davitt  kindly stepped in at short notice to replace Mr. Eamonn Taaffe who sadly had to withdraw from today’s test. K.W.G.C. would like to wish Eamonn a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in action again very soon.


KWGC Labrador Working Test

KWGC Spaniel Working Test


As always, Connollys RED MILLS went above and beyond with there sponsorship, for today’s winners Connollys RED MILLS supplied an amazing 24 bags of there Engage Premium Dog nuts and kindly gave  waterproof blankets, hat’s, cap’s and lanyards for our raffle. We are very lucky to have such a generous Sponsor in Connollys RED MILLS who are head and shoulders above the rest, trialing is no different than any sport and if you want to compete at the top level diet is a key factor in doing so, so if you want to your dog performing at its best week in week out feed Connollys RED MILLS Engage I would highly recommend Engage Premium Dog Food.


Resuts in the Labs

1st    Joe Ruth with Copperbirch Stirling
2nd   David Fitzpatrick  with Mayberry little Button
3rd    Vincent Fitzpatrick with Mayberry
4th    Liam Brett with Rayvron Roisin


1st     Joe Ruth with Copperbirch Stirling
2nd    Jp Carroll with Spireview Jack
3rd     John Gaffney with Rosenallis Diamond
4th     David Fitzpatrick with Mayberry Little Button


1st      Sean Diamond with Copperbirch Mandela
2nd     Declan Mccarthy with Watergreen Jasper
3rd      Michael Fisher with  Rugers Shot of Tredinoch
4th      Hazel Murphy with Dorretsland Goshawk

Best Retrieve went to:  Sean Diamond with Copperbirch Mandela



1st    Jason Traavers with Swifthill Rolo
2nd   John Groves with Shiftwell Sambo
3rd    Rodger Shore with Glenngoole Prince
4th    Mick Walsh with Hollydrive Defoe


1st   leva Grigaite with Weatbourne Rocket
2nd  Rody Culleton with lady Windemere of Riverside
3rd   David Marah with Gardenrath Tikka
4th   Captian Kelly with Swiftwell Katie


1st   Jason Travers with Simcris Seb
2nd  James Casey with Blackgaurd Ivy who also got top hunting spaniel
3rd   Captian Kelly with Bramble Girl
4th   Pat Green with Kilcarra Snowie

Top Cocker was  Martin Power with Dubfire Bella