Sergio Alvarez Moya

Sergio began horseback riding with his brothers at age seven because his uncle was interested in horses. In 2001 as a junior he won the European Championships.

In 2003, Sergio decided that in order to further progress in his riding career he needed to move to Belgium. For six years he developed himself as a respected rider before returning to Spain and basing himself with his brother in La Coruña.

One of Sergio’s most memorable career moments is coming 3rd at the Grand Prix in Aachen in 2010 with Action Breaker, one of the finest horses he has worked with.

“I think the special one was Action-Breaker. I had him from he was 3-years-old, and he had his entire career together with me. I did a few championships before him, but I never jumped Grand Prix and big classes like I did with that horse – it was just so easy for him and he jumped one clear round after the other. We had a special connection.

Action-Breaker is 17 now, and we still have him at home. He is breeding a little and is enjoying life. When I did the Grand Prix of Aachen on him, I promised him that I would never sell him and he is so far the only horse I have kept.”

Career Highlights

2017 FEI World Cup Final Omaha – 5th
2017 LGCT Cannes CSI5* - 1st
2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro – Ind. 20th
2015 European Championships Aachen – Ind. 6th
2013 FEI World Cup Final Gothenburg – 4th